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“I was happy to say that my experience at Perfect Smiles Orthodontics was a great one. I had braces as a teenager and after a couple years have pasted I started I notice some changes and I was in the market for a new orthodontist on the Upper West Side (NYC),one of my good friends referred me to her and it was one of the best experiences that’s I’ve had with a dentist / orthodontist. The office was very well maintained and staff members were so nice and friendly !! I would recommend her and Invisalign to anyone I know !!” ~ YELP

“Dr. Bukholts is the best! My daughter just recently had her braces removed after only 13 months, and we couldn’t be happier. The office is a pleasant place to be, and calm yet high-tech at the same time. I highly recommend this office for orthodontics – friendly, professional, and above all -they do great work!” ~ YELP

“Dr. Olga is superb! I can’t recommend her highly enough. My consultation was VERY thorough and she answered all of my questions without a hard sell. (A first for me. I’ve never been in a dentist’s office where they didn’t try to sell you a ton of treatments you don’t need.) My front teeth needed to be straightened, and I’m currently undergoing treatment with her.” ~ RateMDs

“We are on kid two of four here with Perfect Smiles Orthodontics. Dr. Bukholt’s work is very good and my children almost look forward to the appointments. Can’t beat that. I feel really confident my family is getting some of the best orthodontic care in NYC. This is a very good practice.” ~ YELP

“Upper West Side Braces Magician. I never had braces, did not really want them, but yet wanted a much nicer smile. A friend referred me to Perfect Smiles Orthodontics in NYC. I am extremely happy to report that from beginning to end this has been the most pleasant, painless, and effective dental experience I have ever had. I had Invisalign treatment. I never thought it would be that quick and that non-intrusive into my lifestyle. Dr. Bukholts explained every step of the process to me and made me feel very comfortable. Today I am smiling wide at any opportunity and very much wish the same for you! ~ CitySearch

” I am happy to give Dr. Bukholts and her team 5 stars. I’ve been a braces patient at Perfect Smiles  Orthodontics for just about one year now, and my experience has been an entirely positive one. Needing orthodontic treatment as a result of a bad decision from a previous dental provider, I was hesitant to trust just anyone, but Dr. Bukholts did an amazing job. Not only is her work completely professional but she is so patient and VERY accommodating. Just the other day I stopped in (I did not have an appointment, but was a block away), and Dr. Bukholts was able to squeeze me for a quick braces adjustment. Also, her receptionist, Lana, is so warm and friendly. If you are not able to pay the entire amount for your treatment Dr. Bukholts is more than happy to set you up on a payment plan (which is what I opted to do). I expect to get my braces off next week and could not be happier. I would recommend Dr. Bukholts to anyone!” ~ YELP

“The most fun a person could have with braces. Initially, I was disappointed when I found out that I would have to be an adult with braces and that invisalign was not an option for me! Dr. Bukholts assured me that braces really arent as horrifying as I remembered as a kid. I didnt believe her at all. BUT she was right! I only had braces for 14 months!!! Dr. Bukholts made this whole braces thing as painless as possible. Oh, and my teeth look awesome.” ~ CitySearch

“I was referred to Dr. Olgas Bukholt, DDS’ office by my teenaged daughter’s dentist. I went in a bit wary, since these sorts of referrals are often based on medical professionals’ cronyism, or so I thought. I’m pleased to say that I could not have been more wrong. The equipment is state of the art, the office is immaculate, and every last person who works there is absolutely the best. I don’t know how Dr. Olga Bukholts managed to attract such a stellar staff, but it’s truly impressive. They may not have rock bottom prices but I feel the costs are reasonable, given that you are getting the very best in care. To me, it’s worth every penny and then some. I wish I could give ten stars – I can’t imagine that there is a better orthodontist in NYC or New York for that matter.” ~ YELP

” I was very upset that my teeth have moved after my first round in braces when I was younger. I found myself with an overbite and gaps between my front teeth. My friend recommended Dr. Bukholts and I am so grateful to her! Dr. Bukholts is very knowledgeable, pleasant, and friendly. She told me that she can fix my problems in a much shorter time than I expected and for a lot less $. That was an incredible news, but as a cherry on top, Dr. Bukholts’ office is so beautiful and comfortable – I love coming there! If you are considering any kind of teeth straightening look no further. Perfect Smiles Orthodontics is the PERFECT place!” ~ ZocDoc

“I was referred to this amazing Upper Westi Side NY orthodontist office by my friend,who is a patient of Dr.Bukholts. I was very pleased from the first time I called. I work late and needed a late appointment and the staff went out of their way to accommodate me. The office is absolutely beautiful!!! Dr. Bukholts is very knowlageble and a lovely person. I felt at ease talking to her and she was very understanding of my spacial issues. I have started my treatment and very much looking forward to seeing the end result (it looks better already! I am excited!)” ~ DoctorBase

“AMAZING! I came in for a orthodontic braces consultation regarding my retainer. Dr. Bukholts addressed every issue I had concerns with. While I was there at her beautiful Upper West Side office, I was introduced to her teeth whitening system. The process seemed way to easy to be true. Fast forward one hour later… My teeth are four shades whiter! This totally beats the “Do It Yourself” bleaching in every way possible. As far as my teeth go – invisible braces – never even heard for them…and they worked — in less than a year!” ~ ZocDoc

“Very knowledgeable. State of the art office and equipment. Professional. Easy to get to Upper West Side NYC location. The orthodontist gives you lost of braces treatment options that suits your situation and life style. Extremely satisfied and happy with my experience.” ~ ZocDoc

“I just finished up my orthodontic work through Perfect Smiles Orthodontics. As a 29 year old getting full braces, they were great about working with clear brackets since I wasn’t eligible for invisalign. Dr. Olga Bukholts, DDS initially thought I would need jaw surgery – when I couldn’t afford that she were great at improvising an alternative plan. I just got my braces off (3 months shy of the 2 years they projected!) and I couldn’t be happier with the end result and the care they gave me. They made getting braces as a full fledged adult about as pleasurable as it can be!” ~ YELP

“Oh, so much to say about Perfect Smiles Orthodontics!  Everyone in this office is really nice, very knowledgeable and easy going.  Anyway, I went in for a braces consultation thinking I needed to shop around and do a little research before settling on an Orthodontist-I was pretty lucky I started with the BEST one first…I looked no further. I could have written a 10,000 word essay on everything I learned from Dr. Bukholts upon our initial meeting! After viewing er before and after photos I knew she could tame my mouthful of jagged chiclets and SHE HAS!  Dr. Bukholts  is a meticulous perfectionist and it shows in her work.  The office is clean and bright and I always dig the tunes!  So if you are even entertaining the idea of getting braces just go for a consultation just for fun, what could it hurt?  I’m so happy with my results that my daughter now goes there as well!” ~ YELP

“I just began my treatment with Dr.Bukholts – braces as an adult (invisible lingual braces) – and have already been impressed with Dr. Bukholts and her staffs’ organization, efficiency, flexibility, and commitment to putting patients first. I greatly appreciated how Dr. Bukholts went out of her way to get my treatment started and hopefully completed in a timely manner after I found out I was not a candidate for Invisalign express. I have been extremely pleased with Dr. Bukholts€™ practice and would highly recommend it.” ~ DoctorBase

“Dr. Olga Bukholts provides quality care with a personal touch. She impressed me as being extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and a thoughtful NYC orthodontist (really). She has been treating my son for over a year now, and the results have been dramatic. I’m very pleased with Dr. Bukholts’ outstanding work and recommend her without reservation”. ~ RateMDs

Best Orthodontist On The Upper West Side ! I’ve had crooked teeth for most of my adulthood. I came to Dr. Bukholts a little over a year ago and soon thereafter began my orthodontic treatment. Dr. Bukholts presented many options to suit my picky taste. I stressed my concerns being middle aged, my lifestyle, and my job ? having a mouth full of metal was not an option for me. Dr. Bukholts presented Invisalign as an alternative to traditional braces. I have since completed my treatment and am a proud owner of a gorgeous smile!” ~ YELP

Our best in class Upper West Side, NYC orthodontist, Olga Bukholts, DDS, prides herself with providing you highly personalized and comprehensive orthodontic care before, during, and after your orthodontic treatment. Her philosophy of direct orthodontist to patient care at every visit has made Perfect Smiles Orthodontics one of the most trusted and respected practices in NYC. Dr. Bukholts uses the latest orthodontic braces and techniques to provide the best and quickest results possible. For more information about your customized orthodontic braces treatment please contact our Upper West Side orthodontic practice.

To schedule a free confidential braces consultation at our Orthodontists’s Upper West Side office please phone (646) 368-1819 or click here to request a braces consultation via our online form.

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