New York Braces: Playtime at the Pediatrician

tony-kids_rx_for_fun_thumbAt Perfect Smiles Orthodontics, an appointment to tighten your braces in NY is an appointment to look forward to! In addition to offering the most advanced orthodontic appliances, Dr. Olga Bukholts provides an interactive waiting room supplied with TV and video games. You may even finish the movie that you started in the waiting room while in the dentist’s chair! Dr. Bukholts’ stellar orthodontic care and interactive waiting room was featured in a Time Out Kids article titled, “RX for Fun.” Learn more about the excellent patient care and advanced orthodontic treatments Dr. Bukholts provides by reading the full featured article. Read More >>


 No Sticky Treats this Halloween: Braces NY

braces_and_sticky_candy_thumbWhen your child says “trick or treat” this Halloween, make sure to choose tricks over sticky treats! Sticky Halloween candy can damage your child’s braces in New York and set back their treatment schedule. Dr. Olga Bukholts and her private orthodontic practice, Perfect Smiles NY, is featured in a Pantagraph article titled, “Braces and Sticky Candy: A Halloween Nightmare.” She suggests indulging in more braces-friendly Halloween treats, such as chocolate. Unlike sticky candy, chocolate is soft as children chew, less likely to damage braces or brackets, and is easily cleaned away during brushing.  Read More >>



 NY Orthodontist: 20 Tips On the Necessity of Straight Teeth

braces+right_for_you_child_glam_thumbParents consider all aspects of orthodontic treatment before deciding on braces, including cost, cosmetic results, length of treatment, and pain to mention only a few. Dr. Olga Bukholts of Perfect Smiles NY is featured in a Glam article title, “Are Braces Right for Your Child?” in which she highlights 20 important aspects of orthodontic treatment that parents should consider during the decision making process. Orthodontic treatment takes time, but if timed correctly, children will finish treatment as they enter high school. Learn more about your New York orthodontist and the tips to attaining straighter teeth by reading Dr. Bukholts’ featured Glam article. Read More >>

Braces NYC: The Scoop on Straighter Teeth

metro_parent_bracing_facts_thumbParents and children alike can enjoy the straightening effects of braces in NYC. Dr. Olga Bukholts, owner and practicing orthodontist at Perfect Smiles NY, offers the most advanced digital technology and newest options in orthodontic appliances for her patients, including traditional braces, Invisalign®, In-Ovation® Braces, Incognito® Braces, and PROPEL® Orthodontics. In a featured health article titled, “Bracing Facts: the State of Orthodontia,” Dr. Bukholts describes how both children and their parents can receive orthodontic treatment, so the whole family can enjoy a straighter, healthier, and more perfect smile. Learn more about what Dr. Bukholts offers at Perfect Smiles NY by reading the full featured article! Read More >>