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adult orthodontics nyc upper west sideIt’s never too late to have braces that lead to a beautiful smile. Dr. Bukholts caters to our adult Upper West Side, NYC, patients and makes it a priority to provide the highest level of care and service that you expect in a best in class Upper West Side orthodontic practice. 50% of our orthodontics patients are adults.

With recent orthodontic innovations, many modern braces are designed specifically for adults to minimize discomfort while maintaining the best possible appearance concerns. Adults are warmly welcome at Perfect Smiles Orthodontics and Olga Bukholts, DDS is an expert in adult orthodontic braces treatments. Orthodontic problems in adults range from minor crowding or spacing of teeth to very complex problems involving repair and replacement of missing teeth and treatment to correct anomalies of facial growth and severe dental disease. Most types of braces are suitable for adults though it is important to choose the right method to achieve the desired results (bearing the patient’s comfort and lifestyle in mind).

* To schedule a free confidential braces consultation at our Orthodontists’s Upper West Side office please phone (646) 368-1819 or click here to request a braces consultation via our online form.

I was very upset that my teeth have moved after my first round in braces when I was younger. I found myself with an overbite and gaps between my front teeth. My friend recommended Dr. Bukholts and I am so grateful to her! Dr. Bukholts is very knowledgeable, pleasant, and friendly. She told me that she can fix my problems in a much shorter time than I expected and for a lot less $. That was an incredible news, but as a cherry on top, Dr. Bukholts’ office is so beautiful and comfortable – I love coming there! If you are considering any kind of teeth straightening look no further. Perfect Smiles Orthodontics is the PERFECT place! ~ ZocDoc

Perfect Smiles Orthodontics conveniently located to all NYC mass transit on the Upper West Side offers a wide variety of braces specifically for adult patients, including:

A growing number of adults are choosing braces to improve their health and their smiles. Braces are more advanced than ever before, and the number of effective and cosmetically pleasing braces options is growing all the time. We are proud to offer our adult orthodontics patients:

  • Accelerated orthodontics
  • Six month treatment plans
  • Invisalign
  • Removable appliances
  • Invisible / lingual braces (incredibly popular at our Upper West Side orthodontics practice)
  • Affordable for every budget and customized for every lifestyle

All orthodontic braces work essentially the same way: by employing light, constant force to move teeth into proper alignment. But how we apply these forces can vary, as numerous innovations have become available in recent years. Some of the newer, less visible orthodontic appliances have been designed to blend more easily into an adult’s personal and professional lifestyle. Types of orthodontic appliances available include:

Clear Braces

Instead of highly noticeable metal brackets, you can have clear ones made of ceramic, plastic or a combination of both. They are hardly visible, except for the thin almost imperceptible wire.

Invisalign® Adult

Your clear Invisalign aligners will be made just for you by the Invisalign lab, with each set designed to bring your teeth closer to their ideal alignment. You will have a chance to see and approve your virtual end result before your aligners are ordered, thus becoming an equal partner in your orthodontic treatment. There are absolutely no wires or brackets. For most adults this is an appliance that fits best into their lifestyle as it is virtually invisible, removable, does not require any adjustments to diet or oral hygiene, requires less frequent visits, and eliminates possible emergencies such as broken brackets and pocking wires.

At our Upper West Side Orthodontic practice, more than 50% of our orthodontic patients are adults. At Perfect Smiles Orthodontics, we offer one of the most technologically advanced metal braces systems on the market – Inovation-R. It provides faster results with fewer appointments and less treatment time, more adults are choosing to improve their smile, health and confidence than ever before and therefore are choosing this predictable and effective appliance.

Beneficial services for adults include PROPEL® Orthodontics – which gives you the ability to straighten your teeth significantly quicker than braces alone. The PROPEL® System is a novel treatment that is scientifically proven to stimulate the bone to remodel faster, accelerating the movement of teeth by 50% or more when done in conjunction with any orthodontic treatment. PROPEL uses your body’s own natural physiologic system to stimulate the bone to respond faster when orthodontic force is applied to teeth. The result is significantly reduced treatment time.

Our best in class Upper West Side, NYC orthodontist, Dr. Olga Bukholts, DDS, prides herself with providing adults with highly personalized and comprehensive orthodontic care before, during, and after your orthodontic treatment. Her philosophy of orthodontist to patient care at every visit has made Perfect Smiles Orthodontics one of the most trusted and respected practices in NYC. Dr. Bukholts uses the latest orthodontic braces and techniques to provide the best and quickest results possible for her adult orthodontic patients. For more information about your customized orthodontic treatment please contact our Upper West Side, NYC, orthodontic practice. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve a bright, beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.

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