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Dr. Olga Bukholts offers orthodontic patients the option to finance their orthodontic procedures. Patient financing was created for people who don’t want to tie up their traditional credit sources with dental debt or those who simply can’t afford to pay out-of-pocket orthodontic charges at the time they elect orthodontic treatment at our Upper West Side NYC orthodontic practice, Perfect Smiles Orthodontics.

Please note: Sometimes your health insurance may cover part or all of your orthodontic procedure – including Invisalign. We work with and accept most dental insurance programs used by many major employers. We want to get the most out of your insurance benefits and make any remaining balance easily affordable. If you are confused about your dental coverage or have questions regarding your insurance benefits and how they apply to your elected orthodontic treatment –  feel free to call our office.

At Perfect Smiles Orthodontics, we make it our mission to provide quality orthodontic care to every patient with varying needs and budgets. Our billing, financing, and insurance process is simple and easy, so you can get the dental treatment you need without worrying about affordability.

It’s no longer necessary to delay an orthodontic procedure that you really want, nor worry about the inability to pay for treatment. Patient financing allows you to make low monthly payments over an extended period of time.

Financing Options Include:

  • In-house Interest-Free Financing: To accommodate patients with varying budgets, we offer simple, interest-free payment plans ranging anywhere between 3 to 12-months. Signing up is easy – in just a few moments, we can create a simple payment plan tailored to your budget.

You can expect the following process when you request one of our flexible payment plans

First, we determine the final cost of your planned dental treatments (an example final total would be $1,000 in various reconstructive dental treatments to restore your teeth).

You provide our staff with basic information, including legal name, address, contact number, etc.

We go through the credit approval process, which usually takes less than 1 minute.

You choose from payment plans between 3 to 12 months (the most popular option is the 12-month payment program).

With the standard 12-month payment plan, you can break down your $1,000 dental bill into easy, bite-sized monthly payments of only $80. With zero interest and no hidden fees, you can be confident that any dental procedure you get is always affordable, every single time.

  • CareCredit™ Financing offers a variety of programs for patients with all types of credit histories. CareCredit™ approves a greater percentage of orthodontic candidates than other credit issuers – even patients with past credit problems can be approved. Our staff can assist you during your complimentary consultation and immediately determine if you are a candidate.

Our best in class Upper West Side NYC orthodontist, Olga Bukholts, DDS, prides herself with providing you highly personalized and comprehensive orthodontic care before, during, and after your orthodontic treatment. Her philosophy of direct orthodontist to patient care at every visit has made Perfect Smiles Orthodontics one of the most trusted and respected practices in NYC. Dr. Bukholts offers the latest orthodontic braces and techniques to provide the best and quickest results possible. For more information about your customized orthodontic braces treatment please contact our Upper West Side orthodontic practice.

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